Google drive | The best cloud storage


Google drive is a cloud storage launched on April 2012 by Google. It allows users to store important files on their servers synchronize files across devices and share files. This app has over 800 million users.

google drive

It is available for windows, android and ios smartphones and tablets. It offers users 15 gigabytes of free storage. You would get above that when you pay. Users can change it privacy settings you can enable sharing with other users or making certain contents public. You can find images by simply describing the image with the use of natural language.

Google drive recently ended support for android devices running android 4.0 ice cream sandwich or older versions. The app continues to work for android version with upgraded OS.


It gives users 15gb of free storage space which can be shared across files in Google drive. Messages and attachments in Gmail, pictures and videos. Though users can purchase extra storage through either a month or a year payment. This option was created in december2016. And it’s limited to the 100gb or 1tb storage plans. Purchased storage is renewed automatically when it expires. Users can upgrade the storage anytime they like. Note When your subscription expires and you don’t renew your storage space will be reverse back to the normal 15gb. You won’t be able to add new files to google drive but could still view content from the subscribed space.

Features of the google drive

One of the best features is sharing. This is a file sharing system in which the creator of a file is by default its owner. The owner can change its visibility from public to private. Documents can be transferred privately to another user. You can share files with people that are not on Google drive all that is required is making them accessible to anybody with the link.

Third party apps works with Google drive this can be accessed from the chrome web store. To add an app all that is required is to sign into the chrome web store.

in addition, Google storage has a feature called file viewing which allows users view files formats.

Meta data allows you a space to describe your file and folders.

Google drive allows mobile app to edit documents and spreadsheets. In addition users can take photo of a document symbols or other text the app was updated with a material design that improves search  and the ability to add a custom message while sharing a file and pdf.

Encryption of data following the information that the US security agency had direct access to servers owned by multiple organizations including Google. This led the company to begin the testing of encrypted data’s.


After the announcement in 2012, Google was heavily criticized over Google drive privacy. The reason was that Google has one unified set of terms of service and private policy agreement for all of its products. This was based on how it handled user’s copyrights and intellectual properties. Downtime is a major issue for both consumers and business users. They recognizes that failure is inevitable and apologized to everyone who was affected.